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Kez_miller 07-02-13 02:25

Help any advice im really scared!
hi basically i am having trouble breathing sort of. it feels like i constantly need to take a deep breath and yawn, but when i try to take a deep breath or yawn most of the time it feels like something stops me half way through the deep breath or yawn, even on the odd occassion when i am able to get that satisfying deep breath or yawn i need to do it again a minute later...i had an ecg a few days ago and it was fine, my resp levels were fine and the paramedics said i was all clear, but im really scared they have missed something....i am constipated and have been for a while and when i had the xray that determined that the doctor said that the constipation was high up so could it be pushing against my lungs or diaphragm or is this ust another anxiety symptom that i keep being told. does any else suffer this, its been going on now for 5 nearly 6 days :(

becky000 07-02-13 04:06

Re: Help any advice im really scared!
I doubt that your constipation could affect your lungs. If you've recently been checked over I think you should relax and believe the ecg and paramedics. They are trained and would've picked up any obvious problems.
It's much more likely that your anxiety is causing your breathing problems. So often people with anxiety disorders have breathing issues. I have often experienced it myself.
Once you decide that it IS just that, you will find that these problems just disappear. What you are doing at the moment is feeding the problem by concentrating on it. It won't ever get worse and it WILL go away once you're in control. It's a matter of changing your thought processes.
Trying to occupy your mind with other things. You will find that while you're busy with something else and can forget about breathing it will happen all by itself.

jill 07-02-13 15:51

Re: Help any advice im really scared!
Hi Hun :D:hugs:

When I was acute, I had lots of breathing symptoms, the type your having was one of them, for me, I new it was anxiety related because on the onset of all my panic/high levels of anxiety, I had, had a good check over.

From what I understand, when anxiety kicks in the lungs can expand, get larger, hence the feeling you can;t take any more air in, you have alot of air in there, hence not being able to take large breaths. Although this is harmless, it can be very scary if you don.t understand whats going on.

YOU WILL carry on breathing no matter what, your lungs are always on auto pilot, so to speak.

What I found help, was to breath out as much as I can... and then you automatically breath in, do this 2 times, more if you can, BUT, if it makes you feel dizzy, STOP.

Also what helped me was to understand that I am NEVER going to stop breathing, I AM in control, I learned all the breathing techniques, eg, learning to breath from the lower half of my tummy and any other techniques I could find, there are some threads on here, Mmm not sure where they are, not been active for awhile myself.

If you can.t find breathing tec, in here you can get the on the net.

I found them really good, they also helped me move forward;

I also bought a self hypnoses cd, which I listened to A LOT.

Is does go in time hun :hugs:

Hope this has been of some help, even if its just knowing your not alone.



dlr108 07-02-13 18:14

Re: Help any advice im really scared!
what you describe is called hyperventilation syndrome this has happened to me and it is very common with anxiety

your breathing is controlled by the atomatic nervous system and without realising it you are trying to do breathing by yourself resulting in over breathing and the reason why u cant get a full breath is because your chest muscles are too tired and tense from forcing yourself to breath

take controll over your breathing by doing deep breathing exercises and meditation

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