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peter34uk 25-07-10 18:04

Something stuck in throat feeling
Ive not long eaten some crisps and now feel as though something lodged in my throat.

I can breath and eat/drink okay. Not choking or anything, but my throat feels like something in back of my throat.

Anyone else get this?? :weep:

Neen 25-07-10 21:12

Re: Something stuck in throat feeling
Hi peter,

How long have you had this feeling? See I've had it for 3 months now! It started to subside and I actually thought it went last week! No such luck :-( it's back today with a vengence. I've been to docs, been ignored, had to fight tooth and nail to get an ENT appointment. Had a camera up my nose and down my throat - with nothing abnormal detected. Was told it maybe LPR (silent reflux) and given a PPI to take twice a day.

Anyway it hasn't really gone and I still suffer daily. I also get neck pain, base of skull pain and shoulder pain. This is only felt on the right side. Does yours feel central or does it affect one side only? I am due to have a Barium Swallow and ultrasound. I keep getting weird right sided headaches and sometimes feel like my head is cold. Not actually cold but just a sensation. Do you or others get this? My throat has been very bothersome today. I have been in floods of tears with it, so I totally sympathise with any who suffer with this

Nina xx

PanchoGoz 25-07-10 22:08

Re: Something stuck in throat feeling
CRISPS! Probably walkers or similar? terrible things. it has probably grazed your throat because it wasnt chewed up well. this has happened to me with crisps and crispy bacon and it does fell exactly like the crisp is still there! it will be gone in less than 3 days.

jessy 26-07-10 00:29

Re: Something stuck in throat feeling
hi peter, it could be something called globus hysterica ?, ive had for a while now it comes and caused by anxiety and it feels like theres something stuck or a lump in your is a common symptom of anx, you can read about on here on other threads, so dont worry about it......have a read of them and hopefully u'll feel better :)

Fly away Katie 26-07-10 05:14

Re: Something stuck in throat feeling
Hello Peter. I also had this earlier with some pasta. Every time I breathed in while eating, I could almost feel it stuck in my throat, although I wasnt choking or anything... It just felt really uncomfly... like there was something there...
It always seems to fade for me after a while.
Warm drinks are great. As is distraction
Hope you feel at ease soon.
Im sure you will, your nopt alone :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Zee 26-07-10 08:17

Re: Something stuck in throat feeling
Ive had similar on a couple of occasions. Not exactly a stuck feeling but a strange fullness kind of feeling. I was told that because I have very tight muscle tension in shoulder and neck that it can make the throat feel tight as well.

Cat80 26-07-10 10:09

Re: Something stuck in throat feeling
I know I get this at times. I can sleep with my neck funny or move funny and something will pop out in my neck making it excrutiating everytime I swallow. I have to cough like a maniac to get it to go back in and for the pain to stop, it's just the worst pain ever and I haven't a clue what this thing that pops out is (feels like a gland maybe)

mushroom 26-07-10 21:24

Re: Something stuck in throat feeling
I have suffered with this on and off for about 3 years. I have suffered anxiety for over 10 years, but this was a new symptom for me 3 years ago. It went away for a long time but is back with a vengance! I keep trying to tell myself that it is just an anxiety symptom (globus hystericus). But other times, I go on a complete downward spiral, thinking its something serious etc. But, really, I do know its anxiety. I totally sympathise with you, but I find it helps to look at the globus hystericus links on's reassuring to read.

Hope your symptoms disappear soon, take care.

onceagain 26-07-10 21:42

Re: Something stuck in throat feeling

May be that you have slightly scratched your throat I often get this or a tiny particle is caught but it will clear itself..x

LiquidSky 12-09-10 10:43

Re: Something stuck in throat feeling
Hi, I get this quite a lot, I've had a gastroscopy (not a pleasant experience if you have it done whilst awake) and all checked out normal, the nerves and muscles in our body are very sensitive and can play any amount of tricks on us, especially when we are anxious.

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