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sky 31-05-07 11:52

Pain in shoulder and shoulder blade

Does anyone get quick shooting pains in their shoulder going through to their should blade. Please say you do and im not on my own.

For the past few weeks I have been having this problem and its driving me nuts with worry thinking its lung cancer, although im sure its caused by they way iam sitting and leaning on my arm. Iam continually fighting with myself positive thoughts V negative ones, but at the moment the negative are winning.

Please help

Luv Sky

Cindy 31-05-07 11:57

Re: Pain in shoulder and shoulder blade
Hi Sky
I have been getting lots of pains there and when I get chest pains I get it to.I also think it has to do with a lot of tension and the way I sit as I work in finance and its very stressful and I sit in front of this computer whole day.Anyway I usually have a warm Radox bath the one for aching muscles and it does wonders

I hope you feel better soon as I really hate this symptom as well

cattttt 01-06-07 03:20

Re: Pain in shoulder and shoulder blade
lPains in the shoulder are not likely to be a symptom of lung cancer. Far more likely to be muscle strain.

mirry 01-06-07 12:36

Re: Pain in shoulder and shoulder blade
I have this pain on and off for many years, its caussed by a inflamed bursa in the shoulder.
You can take pain killers for it.can you put your hand on your back like you are undoing a bra ?
does it hurt to raise your arm up high for a min ?

looking4answers 03-06-07 08:49

Re: Pain in shoulder and shoulder blade
I can just about assure you it has to do with heart or cancer or anything serious ..I can laugh about mine now as you will with yours..I have been sitting weird and laying weird and mostly to use the computer or I would strecth in a weird way or pick up something and twist and forget that I did it and would get shooting pains across my chest and chest muscles and feel like my breathing was hard and hurt..

Its all in posture and the way we lean over to do this and that and sit at our computers.I would say about 90 percent of the pains we all get is being at the computer for too many hours and in weird positions..

I get to where my hands and and fingers go to sleep now thats freaky .. Lol so just relax and keep from laying or leaning in those weird positions and do something else besides spend hours on the computer.I had to force myself and have to everyday so well ...try it and i think you will find the relief you seek...

ge0rgette2 20-01-10 00:26

Re: Pain in shoulder and shoulder blade
I know this post is old -- but I can sooo relate to the aches and pains!

I'm glad that I found this forum!

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