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mirry 16-11-07 12:43

Binaural beats therapy
worth a go ......

Ambient Electro-Acoustic Music & beautiful trippy visuals with binaural frequencies ( Alpha 8Hz) by illume in essence.

Binaural Beats used with Stereo Headphones stimulate; brain entrainment, instant relaxation, emotional balance, healing and wellbeing and heightened states of consciousness.

Binaural beats; a sonic alternative medicine. A dependable relaxation tool for resolving depression and anxiety and provides support to make meditation easy.

Binaural Beats are a scientifically proven brain entrainment process that slowly started to gain recognition after an article called, "Auditory Beats in the Brain", by Dr Gerald Oster, was published in the October 1973 edition of Scientific America.

Binaural beats work by sending two different Hz frequencies, to each ear via stereo headphones causing the left and right Brain hemispheres to work in unison to hear a phantom frequency or third tone, the centred Hz difference between the two tones. The Hz separations cerate a constant gentle beat and its timing and pulse match the Hz separation per second.

Unison Therapy incorporate several types of brain entrainment and audio psychology processes into their; sound therapy / audio therapy and blended with beautiful music you will go, beyond meditation. :winks:

josephine 16-11-07 13:31

Re: Binaural beats therapy
I have just downloaded a free 12 minute sample from unison therapy. Its quite strange, ther is music playing and a constant vibration behind it , like a washing machine on the spin cycle. You are meant to listen to it with stereo headphones and it is quite intense. thanksfor letting us know about this Mirry, i think it may be helpful, it has alot of scientific fact behind it as well.I am off to do some housework and after that i will be putting on my head phones again!!!!!!!!Josephine.x

mirry 16-11-07 13:43

Re: Binaural beats therapy
hi jo , I did a session this morning and afterwards felt very Happy , infact strangely happy , the tesco man delivered my shopping and i was full of energy and smiling. But the main thing I nostised was how calm I became half way thru it.

Did you have to pay to download it ? I was thinking it may be great for puttin on a mp3 player ?

let us know how you get on with it.:flowers:

sagey 16-11-07 13:52

Re: Binaural beats therapy
This reminds me of auditory Integration Therapy which began to be popular in the early nineties to aid Autistic Spectrum Disorder children. I have an ASD son and once went to a workshop on this. I'm very interested to give it a try, thanks for this Mirry.

mirry 16-11-07 14:03

Re: Binaural beats therapy
sagey , that is interesting to me , because my son has a ASD too .
Does it help ASD children because if so , I may try to get my son on here:yesyes:

was it thru the NHS ?

sagey 16-11-07 15:51

Re: Binaural beats therapy
The workshop was run by a private individual and I think he had some kind of franchise from the USA. The special school organised it.We didn't go ahead with it because it was about £90 a time back in 1994. I recall reading articles about it in the N.A.S publication and some people had had success. Back in those days there were new theories and therapies coming out every few months. I guess there still are but I'm not in touch so much any more.

Piglet 16-11-07 18:52

Re: Binaural beats therapy
Where can you buy these cd's in the uk hun?

Piglet :flowers:

mirry 16-11-07 20:24

Re: Binaural beats therapy
thats a good question Piglet :blush: , I will try to find out cos I would like some :yesyes: . If you buy from the usa , are their cds a different format ?

sagey , cant believe it used to cost that much , I would love to know more about this subject.

carldourish 16-11-07 22:14

Re: Binaural beats therapy
I use this system in my practice.

Click on the link to download basic relaxation file

Then scroll down to free section. New window will open. Copy code in box, then hit download button. Finally save to your P.C.




bet 16-11-07 22:40

Re: Binaural beats therapy
Hello All,
Thanks Mirry for the info on the Bianural beats therapy and thanks to Carl for the link!Eventhough the panic/agoraphobia is gone its good to incorporate some relaxation.Its definitely relaxing.

bet x

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