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coloquix 09-04-12 18:21

On My Sweet Way.
Evening all,
I hope everyone is doing well? I have been a member of this board now for maybe six months, something like that anyway and I must say that at the start it was a huge help and during some particularly unpleasant times, it served as a very useful and friendly place, one which gave me confidence and reminded me of the simple fact that I was far from alone in what I was experiencing.
I want it to be known that I am eternally greatful to those responsible for NMP, it is a fine resource and it helped me a great deal, but it is time for me to say goodbye.
I am by no means cured, but then there is nothing wrong with me, as there is nothing wrong with any of us. We are merely in an unfortunate spot right now and as much as I adore this website and everything it stands for, I have decided to make the jump and remove what I fear might be starting to turn into a crutch of sorts, so this is me signing off.
I know that a fair few people have returned to NMP to share their success stories and I will certainly do the same because I know how good it can feel to read tales of joy and of hope. But for now, in a bid to aid my recovery, I feel as if I should leave everything related to anxiety behind, and this includes NMP I'm afraid.
I must stress, everyone is different and without this wonderful site, I wouldn't have been able to understand my situation fully. This is a glorious resource and not for a single moment am I suggesting that anyone should avoid frequenting it, but for me, the time has come to move away from those compulsions (I check this site often and sometimes, it actually reminds me that there is a problem y'know).
So, let me sign off by wishing every last one of you the very best. You are all strong, powerful and marvellous individuals and it wont be long before you are in a much, much better place. I strongly believe that the road to recovery is only ever a street away and sometimes, in order to fully recover, you must wander these metaphorical streets and leave the past behind.
I will return however to post when I feel as if I've made it there, because I'm determined to do so and we will all, every last one of us succeed in our quest.
Cheesey post much? :D Yes, but it's true. I will soon be my old self, and so will you.
The utmost love to you all,

mistymoo 09-04-12 19:13

Re: On My Sweet Way.
good luck on your journey

LAURA48 09-04-12 19:43

Re: On My Sweet Way.
Good Luck on your new journey - I wish you all the very best.

Yes do pop in with good stories to tell.

This site is brilliant I have learned so much and hopefully will do the same as you once I am better - fingers crossed.

Bon Voyage :yesyes:


Elen 09-04-12 19:57

Re: On My Sweet Way.
Well done and good luck to you in the future.

I am sure that we would love to hear from you in the future.

Take care


Pipkin 09-04-12 20:06

Re: On My Sweet Way.
Good luck Greg!

Take care

Pip x

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