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kittikat 04-04-12 23:02

Big Hugs....
To the lovely people who helped me through last nights episode......

:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::h ugs::hugs: know who you are....thank you so much xxxxxx

Kitti :D

angel wings 04-04-12 23:06

Re: Big Hugs....
:bighug:back too you xxxxxx

blue moon 04-04-12 23:09

Re: Big Hugs....
I am sorry I was not there Kitti,hope you are feeling better I send you big hugs for getting through it.
Love Petra xx:flowers::bighug1::bighug1:

suzy-sue 04-04-12 23:40

Re: Big Hugs....
:bighug1::bighug1:Bless you Kitti ..Glad you came through it ok and feel better today ..? :hugs:Luv Sue xx

kittikat 04-04-12 23:46

Re: Big Hugs....
Come back to life tonight Sue :D thanks xx

suzy-sue 04-04-12 23:56

Re: Big Hugs....
:yahoo:Thats gd news Kitti ...xx:D

angel wings 05-04-12 00:01

Re: Big Hugs....
Glad your back on form kitty :) :hugs::hugs:

celticlass62 05-04-12 15:54

Re: Big Hugs....
bi :hugs:g hugs to kitty , glad you are feeling a lot better. take care celticlass xxxxxxx

kittikat 05-04-12 21:58

Re: Big Hugs....
Thank you so much celticlass :hugs: Kitti xx

JT69 08-04-12 13:05

Re: Big Hugs....
Hi kitti,

Sorry I wasnt there for you...glad you feeling better now>:hugs:


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