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Jem27 19-10-06 11:42

Full blood count Q
Can a full blood count pick up nasties such as HIV, etc.....???

A friend of mine is having a fbc done next week and doesnt want to ask for this specific test but is a worrier and wondered if it would pick something like this up or would the full blood count indicate that there was something not right?

She didn't want to post so I said I would ask.

lass 19-10-06 13:43

To my (very basic) knowlege, a full blood count will look at your blood cells and see how they are behaving. Red cells show the amount of haemoglobin and can show if you are anaemic. White cells show the activity of your immune system.

So possibly if there was something going on, it would be shown up by the white blood cells.

An HIV test is a very specific test - I know when I was pregnant that they asked me if I were willing to have it done and it is done "annonomously". They had to get my permission to do it.

Hopefully someone more scientific will come along with a bit more information for you, but my guess would be that the white cells would show up if there were any problems with the immune system and therefore further investigations would then be called for.


ps: How are you doing lately? Are you ok?

Jem27 19-10-06 13:57

Fab thanks Caroline i shall past that on. I did say to my friend that if she had HIV or anything (big worrier like me) that it would show in her fbc as the white cells would more than likely be through the roof, hehe.

I am doing really well thank you. You?

Quirky 19-10-06 14:18

Hi Jem,

If someone had HIV the white blood cells in their fbc may be abnormal but this would only show that something was going on, it doesn't specify whether it's HIV or an infection etc. To be sure it's not HIV a very specific test has to be performed that looks at specific types of white cells. Having a normal blood count is a good indication that nothing is going on but the only way to be 100% sure is to have a specific HIV test. They also look at platelets when doing a fbc and these would probably be low if someone had HIV although I remember my doctor telling me she has low platelets for no apparent reason. If she has any concerns it's best she asks her doctor or gets a specific HIV test. I've not had one myself but know people that have and they usually give counselling before/after the test from what I've heard.

Lisa x

Jem27 19-10-06 15:51

Thanks LJ,

I shall pass that info on to my friend.

Jem27 19-10-06 16:00

So can a GP do a HIV test you don't need to go to the GU clinic?

Quirky 19-10-06 16:14

Hi Jem,

Yes a gp can arrange them too although they may not be able to provide counselling about the test though. Alot of people use gum clinics as you can remain anonymous that way and don't have to tell your gp you've had a test.


Jem27 19-10-06 21:03

I see, I think she is going to ask her GP next week or the week after.


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