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Re: 4 weeks of swollen tonsils + Flu-like symptoms too.

Originally Posted by Sabbine17 View Post
Hello Throatgoat!

That sounds like great news to me itís good that you got the ball rolling on the ENT/neuro front as well so that you can get some answers, hopefully confirming itís a nasty virus.

I only managed to get an appointment for the 21/05, but I can keep an eye on things and see how everything goes until then..going on week 12 of this will keep people posted in case anyone has similar things going on!
Hey Sabbine!

Yeah I think it's great news! I'm feeling a bit better about myself now, but my anxiety still seems to be there for whatever reason. Hopefully now I know more about what they tested for, that information can get into my subconscious mind and it will stop playing tricks on me.

That's great to hear! I'm not sure when my appointments are yet, waiting for the phone calls, but she said the ENT shouldn't take too long.

Week 12? Jeez! I'm at 6 tomorrow, I know someone else who has a different kind of bug with more cold-like symptoms who has been sick for 6 weeks too. Something's going around for sure!

Hopefully we all feel better soon. For sure keep us posted! Would love to know how you're getting on.
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