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Question About Blood Tests

I've recently had some blood work done due to feeling unwell and experiencing pelvic and lower back pain.

Tests were:

FBC+Diff, ESR, U+E, Creatine, Glucose, Liver Function, Bone Profile, Thyroid Function, B12/Folate, CRP.

The ESR, CRP came back slightly raised, also blood platelets show lower end of abnormal. Doc seems unconcerned by these results, I guess because I've had a slightly raised ESR for the past decade or so.
I'm now awaiting an abdo scan and Doc doesn't want to see me again unless this throws up something.

Meantime I've still got the pain and it's quite debilitating. Guess what? I've convinced myself it's caused by something sinister. A previous doctor told me that if an ESR reading goes over 100 it could be an indicator of something serious.

Can anyone tell me if a high ESR, CRP and WBC diff always has to be considerably raised to indicate something sinister? Can I be reassured by my lower end readings that the big 'C' is unlikely to be present?

Thanks in anticipation.
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