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Re: 4 weeks of swollen tonsils + Flu-like symptoms too.

Originally Posted by Sabbine17 View Post
I noticed exactly the same with the marks, do you think it might just be tiredness from whatever this is causing poor blood circulation? I know I donít work out at all these days nor do I eat particularly well and Iím kind of skinny to begin with so maybe itís just being out of whack because of it all + us over analyzing everything? I hope itís that anyway

I had a couple bad days, then a couple better ones, now I found a small palpable lymphnode on the inside of my collarbone and it sent my HA through the roof. I know it doesnít have to be malignant but Iím going to the doctor as soon as I can get an appointment as I canít help but think of the worst possible scenarios atm my tonsil and other nodes feel the sameish so I really hope itís one of those viruses that last for months, apparently they are not the most common thing but they do occur.
Let us know how you get on!
It could be! I'm not exactly very active right now, so maybe that's the cause. I've been eating okay through all of this, apart from in the earlier stages were my mouth was dry during the day too, I found it difficult to eat, but now I'm generally feeling hungry again, and trying to eat healthier too.

I thought I had a palpable node at one point too! Turns out it wasn't a node at all, and is just my pulse. Hoping it's the same for you too!

My current symptoms are:
  • Dry mouth (mostly morning, not all the time anymore)
  • Tonsils still looking red/swollen (both sides),
  • I can feel nodes in all kinds of places (small, squishy and movable)
  • Mood swings (cried earlier)
  • Chills (hot flashes sometimes too)
  • Nausea (worse than before, could be the be the Ativan/Nasal spray)
  • Constipation (I think it might be caused by Ativan too)
  • Minor occasional tinnitus
  • Feeling weak/shaky
  • Anxious (Well, I was diagnosed with anxiety!)

My doctor prescribed me with Sandoz Momesetone (sp?) for post nasal drip, and Ativan (0.5mg) for the anxiety. So some of my current symptoms could be being caused by those 2 meds.

I decided not to take either of them today to see if it makes any difference, but it might take a while for the effects to wear off though I guess.

Hopefully the Doctors appointment goes well and I can finally get some clarity and put the thoughts of the "C" word out of my head! I'm sure your's will go well too.

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Spoke too soon about eating okay, been struggling with that today at both lunch and dinner time, although just about managed to force myself.

Really worrying right now, and I know it ain't helping.
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