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Re: 4 weeks of swollen tonsils + Flu-like symptoms too.

Originally Posted by ThroatGoat View Post
Freaking out a bit the past few days.
* still getting night sweats
* feel weak
* lost a little bit of weight
* trembling
* not talking properly
* skin indenting easily
* feeling nodes in groin and neck
* tonsils still inflamed and breath terrible along with dry mouth

Could this all be anxiety?
Hi TG Yes in a word it can, the tonsils how ever sound inflamed and is probably tonsillitis which may need antibiotics/ or a op had mine out years ago now adays it's a lot simpler and quicker so would get them checked but it's not life threatening so just to say again the rest can be put down to your HA condition which needs addressing with your dr in the first place ATB
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