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Re: Something stuck in throat feeling

Hi peter,

How long have you had this feeling? See I've had it for 3 months now! It started to subside and I actually thought it went last week! No such luck :-( it's back today with a vengence. I've been to docs, been ignored, had to fight tooth and nail to get an ENT appointment. Had a camera up my nose and down my throat - with nothing abnormal detected. Was told it maybe LPR (silent reflux) and given a PPI to take twice a day.

Anyway it hasn't really gone and I still suffer daily. I also get neck pain, base of skull pain and shoulder pain. This is only felt on the right side. Does yours feel central or does it affect one side only? I am due to have a Barium Swallow and ultrasound. I keep getting weird right sided headaches and sometimes feel like my head is cold. Not actually cold but just a sensation. Do you or others get this? My throat has been very bothersome today. I have been in floods of tears with it, so I totally sympathise with any who suffer with this

Nina xx
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