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Re: Scared these intrusive thoughts will never go away.

This is very sukarno what I have suffered with in the past 10 months! It will pass!! I was exactly the same! So scared to think and so scared to feel emotions, questioning everything I think and feel and wondering if I was going mad!! I was obsessive with this for a while but a lot better now!!

CBT realy helps, also try Mindfulness Meditation! It's hard at first but realy realy worth a try! It helps u to see that thoughts are just thoughts and even tho they come and dare you like mad they will pass. U will learn to be less sensitive to them. I realy do recommend it.

I started with intrusive thoughs about harming myself and others then the more I read up on OCD I became aware I would never do these things because I was so upset and distressed by the thought. This did develop into WHAT IF i stop being scared of them and want to act on them, WHAT IF I become so anxious and depressed that I actually don't want to live?

These are all intrusive thoughts that will come and go. The anxiety that comes with them keeps them coming! As soon as you start to see them as just thoughts the less they will bother you.

Hope this helps.

Take care and try to say to yourself 'this is just my anxiety' it will pass.


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