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Re: Endoscopy, do they put anxiety sufferers to sleep?

hi red,

i was told by my doc that she might send me off for this test.
i beleive its down your throat. also, because my problems are all throat related, i was told it would hardly go down far. also, i was told you have the option of going under if you are very anxious about it. (my doc knows about my health anx too) its painless and quick so i hear. no needles- one reason i was willing to try it. having said that, ive been taking the meds she gave me for it, and tho my throat is still not 100% and its been like 2 months now( ive found it can take ages for these symptoms to clear,just our luck eh?), its almost there, and my burps etc are very very minimal.i know if i go see her again, shell prob send me for the same test as you, so dont worry!!!, were in the same boat.
lastly, 99% of the time they find nothing, and just confirm the acid problem.
i know we'd like to hear 100%, but 99 is pretty good odds...

take care.
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