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Re: Emetophobia and Norovirus

Are you sure it is norovirus ? I ask because a lot of school age kids get rota virus which is similar and doesn't affect adults. So this is one possibility.
I completely understand your fear as Noro is a huge fear of mine too.
So you are wearing a face mask around your kids, that's good if they are vomiting on or near you. You can only contract the bug by ingesting particles of the virus from Vomit or diarrhoea so the mask is a great idea.
Wash your hands every time you tend to one of your kids. Get them to wash their hands after every loo visit. Very important.
You may have a milder version of the bug which is why you feel off. This is a good thing! It means you don't have the full blown effects of it yet will be immune from it for the next 3 months or so.
Is there anybody who can come and help you ? Family member? Friend? With 5 kids it must be exhausting if they are all sick.
Change all your kids toothbrushes after the last sickness episode and wash bed covers too.

I'm sure you'll get through this. X
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