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Re: Wits End, Scared, Deoressed, Anxious

Hi Annie0904

Thanks for your reply and hugs Yes need to keep up with the CBT4, just get jeleaous when I see people happy it makes me upset as I feel I will never be like that again:( I am also anxious about going home as most of my panic in the past has kept me in the house and it feels like a prison. I have a lovely husband and gorgeous dogs and cats, but I cant help how I feel x

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The thing that makes me very anxious as well is people asking how I am, I just so scared incase I break down and never get better:(. My friend on NY Day had taken herself to the hospital she was in her PJ's sobbing so much extremely stressed and A&E asked her to wait 2 hours before she could see anybody from the Mental Health Team. That scares me that nobody can help
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