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I am so scared, any advice pleeease?

I really don't know what to do anymore with these skipped heartbeats. I am terrified that my heart is going to stop or get into some sort of irregular rythm and not be able to get back to normal if that makes any sence to anyone[?]
I am having them all day every day, I go to bed with them, wake up in the night from them and they are there when I wake up in the morning!I am also having morbid thoughts all the time from all this, I feel like I am going crazy half the time. Everything is suffering - my job, my relationship but most of all my mental stability.
Its just getting too much for me now and I just can't see any end to all this. My GP gave me 'another' ECG and 'more' blood tests but just keeps telling me not to worry about them!
I am continuing with my group CBT and it does help while I am there but as soon as I am not and the
I really just feel something is seriously wrong with my heart, I mean why does it do this all day every day, it really makes me catch my breath and my heart really races sometimes with it too.
The only way I can explain what it feels like is a flip flop in my chest and throat, its the most horrible thing to experience and it stops me in my tracks....whatever I am doing at the time.I am always taking my pulse to to catch them which means I have my fingers on my neck practically every minute of the day (weirdo) and when it happens I feel my heart miss a beat, or flutter/vibrate then a pause then back to normal, but very fast:(
I have been under a little more stress latley with moving house and stuff but really I can't imagine it having this greater effect on me and there are people with a lot worser worries than me out there that don't get these stupid missed beats! Sorry to blabber on and on but I really do feel at the end of my wits and it feels like no one cares that there could be something potentially fatal wrong with my heart!!!!!
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