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Unhappy My 12 yr old is suffering from anxiety

I'm really having a bad time at the moment. This week my 12 yr old daughter has been suffering with anxiety attacks and I'm devastated, she is waking up every morning with a churning stomach and being sick, today is the first morning she has gone to school and I feel like a horrid mum for sending her. I called her and her sister a taxi to make it a bit easier for her but she was so upset, I know by her avoiding going to school will only make things worse for her and thats the last thing that I want so even though I feel horrid for doing it I know in the long run it is the best thing for her.

I feel like a failure as a parent, there is a huge family history of anxiety in the females of my family and I was hoping that this was one of the genetics of my family that would skip my girls but no, i hate this s***** illness, its so unfair and she's such a lovely kid, kind to others and has never caused me a days worry or given me any grief, she doesn't deserve this its so unfair.

I am taking her to the docs on mon as this is the earliest appointment I can get, I don't want things not treated like it wasn't with me when I first started to suffer and then snow-balling into something much bigger.

Thanks for reading this, I'm so upset, its only now she has left the house that I can't stop crying about it, she's my baby and I haven't been able to protect her from suffering from this
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