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Feels like someone "squeezing" my brain, freaking out..

There is a lot of talk about head pressure, but am not sure if this is actually the same? I sort of feel like the pressure is "on my brain", feels horrid and its freaking me out. My ear is also "deaf" and have some that prob is just anxiety but can anyone relate to the brain thing?
Was doing really well, until had to take antibiotics and this is why this "brain squeeze" is back. Im so convinced that its the antibiotics but my subconcious tries to tell (shout) that because I am so scared of antibiotics (long story) that I have now "developed" this weird head thing and major anxiety because of it. Also a lot of negative stuff has happened lately, a lot. But i thought I was doing so well and been so brave about it, thats why i even more "believe" its just the antibiotics. Maybe if somebody out there knows this "brain squeeze", tingling feeling, I could just start to relax and forget the stupid idea that ive somehow damaged something in my head by taking the antibiotics..
god, how embarrasing..

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