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Re: Feels like someone "squeezing" my brain, freaking out..

Thats the spirit!! That really is a good attitude "Im getting on it, darn everything else"
If you havent already checked these pages, go ahead and take time to "finish" the whole course. Its free and Ive gotten a lot of help from there.
And take your book with you on the plane. Underline or mark the pages or sentences that you find most useful and then if you get anxious in the plane just start reading the sentences over and over. Like a bible really
My favorite ones are "if you get safely out of your home and in your car, and drive witout an accident to the airport and to the plane, sit down, relax and remember that there is no place more safer that where you are sitting at the moment". (Not even your own home cause if anything happens to you in the plane you will get medical attention asap ) Every aspect of your trip when you enter the plane to when you aboard is so closely watched by so many people whose main job is for you to be safe.
And "think air as solid rock pilars on which the plane flies on" "every safety measure has three back up safety measures".
Also if your ever worried about engines failing, remember that the plane usually flies without engine power when approaching the airport, it glides to save fuel. So it really stays in air even witout engines
But you mightve known these already, these were some of the stuff that helped me
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