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Re: Propranolol and exercise?

Originally Posted by Geoff2301 View Post
If it helps, my doctor put me on 40mg three times a day......... I've been going out each evening doing an hours hard cycling and didn't notice any difference in energy levels so if you're on 10mg, you might be ok!

I cannot believe a word of this! Yes I know we're all different but BB's have the same action on everyone, slowing the heart and blocking adrenalin.

Originally Posted by raychn2003 View Post
I used to take 40mgs twice daily, and as I used to exercise alot I asked my doctor. She said light exercise and my salsa dancing shouldn't be affected but harder cardio workouts (like my boxercise and circuits) could be affected. Nothing dangerous just because the heart is regulated it cannot keep up with the extra demand (for oxygen) on high cardio impact exercise, so you fatigued alot quicker. And this I found to be true, apart from the salsa dancing once a week, I had to quit the boxecise and circuits. I ditched the propanolol recently, and energy levels are (albeit slowly) returning. This is not to say it will happen like this for everyone.
In my expereience this is correct.

BB's slow your heart so obviously your physical output is reduced. Its for this reason that I desperately want to get off BB's which I've been taking for many years. For me personally just 10mg propranolol reduces my physical stamina (when playing badminton or cycling) by probably about 20%.
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