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Re: Propranolol and exercise?

I know this is an old thread, but a google search led me to it. I take 10mg of Propranolol 2 or 3 times a day. I take it for anxiety and it lowers my heart rate from a "normal" 115-120 bpm down to 85, so I love that part.. and it always lowers my BP slightly down to a more medium normal range. Without the propranolol I have a pretty good essential tremor (probably anxiety related) that prevents me from eating from a spoon, measuring ingredients in a spoon, wearing eyeliner or mascara... writing a check without slopping ink everywhere and in general worrying the people around me that I have low blood sugar and am ready to drop over!

I have noticed that being on the propranolol keeps my heart rate from going up high while I exercise. In most cases I enjoy it because I feel like I don't get worn out so quickly. In some cases, as in when i'm mountain biking, it feels like my heart NEEDS to go faster but won't... and this last time it resulted in my passing out on top of the mountain. I just had absolutely nothing left to give. I has hydrated, but had zero energy left. Like dropping from exhaustion. After I sat still for a few minutes I was able to get back down the mountain on my bike but have felt very anxious for about 3 days since that incident. I am still taking my propranolol but wonder if I didn't hurt myself.
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