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Re: Propranolol and exercise?

Originally Posted by Huneebzz View Post
After I sat still for a few minutes I was able to get back down the mountain on my bike but have felt very anxious for about 3 days since that incident. I am still taking my propranolol but wonder if I didn't hurt myself.
You are unlikely to have done yourself any physical harm, but the incident seems to have spooked you and caused an anxiety increase. Propranolol doesn't stop such intrusive thinking in the way other anxiety meds do, it just blocks the adrenaline fuelled fight-or-flight symptoms of anxiety. I suggest you get yourself checked by your GP anyway, more for the peace of mind than concerns about physical injury.

Unfortunately, beta-blockers can impede physical exercise as this needs adrenaline so you need to work within the limits they impose.
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