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    Quetiapine for PTSD

    Hi has anyone been prescribed this , I have just been given this and have read the side effects and it terrifies me! so have delayed taking it.
    I am so sensitive to meds and take alot and this is on top of everything else I take. I was given this to help with sleep as I basically don't get any due to flashbacks and hyper vigilance during the night.
    But I also take nitazepam, prozac, amitrip and diazepam, now they want me to take this on top? 100mg a day

    Weight gain is a side effect of this drug, and having a joint and muscle disease I can't afford to have extra weight piling on.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    Re: Quetiapine for PTSD

    I was on this for a couple of months along with Mirtazapine, to help with anxiety/depression. I was on 100mg at night which they later raised to 200mg........ I slept quite well but the mirtazapine helps sleep as well. The only side effect I had was my speech could go a bit slurry about an hour after I took it so I sounded slightly drunk!........... it was alright next morning...... I've now been switched to fluoxetine/olanzapine as it wasn't significantly helping my depression problem.

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    Re: Quetiapine for PTSD

    Thank you for your reply, I have to take 10mg Nitrazepam and 50 amitrip at night, then 100mg during the day of Quetiaipine, but I don't want to be slurring or zombied.
    My therapist prescribed it to help sleep and agitation from ptsd. I take prozac for depression.

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    Re: Quetiapine for PTSD

    I've been on it. And as already mentioned above, it does affect your speech. Sometimes you don't even notice. Was only after my family told me how bad it was. I still feel bad thinking about any embarrassment I may have caused. But we are only human.

    I hope you're doing well.

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