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    Fear of thunder and lightning

    It's that time of year again [Sigh...] thankfully no storms during the winter down here but I see the mention of a thunderstorm for the south this Tuesday... I keep an eye on the strike alert websites and rainfall radars.

    My fear of thunder and lightning got worse last year. Have to take all my jewellry off, turn the electricity off and find somewhere to hide away from electrical points, which is a bit difficult (light fittings, plug sockets etc everywhere). I feel as though I'm trapped under the storm with nowhere to hide or escape to and as though something terrible will happen at any moment! I am still unsure whether my current panic attacks and agrophobia have stemed from this fear of thunderstorms or the other way around.

    Any advice on this!>>?? (think I need an explanation of the exact dangers or something - maybe even the best place to hide! lol I so wish that I had a nice safe cellar

    It's so annoying that whenever I run a search about a phobia/anxiety everyhting that comes up is related to cd/dvd therapy courses.

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    hi there,
    i'm sorry to hear how much storms affect you. The chance of being struck by lightning is very very low, and especially if your indoors, it certainly wouldnt hurt you. My mum knew a woman who used to be afriad of thunder and hid in the wardrobe!
    It's just the weather, storms always pass and 9 times out of 10 they do no harm to anyone or anything. good luck with this. have you tried searching the web for facts on lightning? it may help you if you understand it and how rare it is to ever get hit.

    "A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

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    Hi Rose.

    Am sorry to hear that you feel like that. I was on the coach home the other night and there was a big thunder and lightening storm! I was very scared as I didn't know anyone else on the coach either and I was miles away from home! I know how you feel when you say about you feeling trapped under it, its not nice at all is it. My advice would be to stay with a friend, or ring them or something so that it will make you feel a little more safer and more calm. Hope this helps. Keep smiling.

    x x

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    hi im so sorry that storms frighten you so much ..i love them i even have cds with storm sounds to relax me! isnt it strange how one persons fear is anothers relaxation... the chance of being hit by lightining is like one in 10 million! and thunder can do nothing its just a noise thunder can not harm you in anyway.. i had a friend who would go into the cupboard with a bottle of wine during a storm its a common fear yopu are not alone, try looking at storm images online and then listening to it on a cd where your safe and its not real just a cd it might help xxxx

    jools xx

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