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    Smile Great sucess with Paroxetine

    Hi just wanted to thank everyone for all the support while i was at my wits end with anxiety and an inner ear problem, which left me dizzy, taking panic attacks, shakey, i almost felt as if i was going off my head, and was unable to go to work for around 5 months.

    After being subscribed the usual beatablockers, and a handful of other drugs, i was given Paroxetine, i started on a 10mg dose, and after 2 weeks it was increase to 20mg.

    Now at the start all my symtoms seemed to get a little worse, but within six weeks, i seriously got my life back.
    Im back at work, feeling normal, socialising, and nothing seems to faze me. I feel like i have got the old me back.

    It was really just to say, if you are prescribed this drug...stick with it...dont give up too soon...and things will definately improve.

    Knowing how i felt before and how i feel now...i wont be in a hurry to stop taking it...and if all it takes to feel normal again is to pop one tablet in the morning...i can definately live with it...i was terified of these type of i had never had to take them before.

    But trust me...its no hardship...if it means getting your life back on track!!!

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    Re: Great sucess with Paroxetine

    Hi I am so glad you are feeling well, back at work and enjoying life!!! I made the silly mistake of thinking the paroxetine had stopped working after 15 years, I switched to Citalopram for 4 weeks, this does not suit me at all, the panic is dreadful and debiliating. It is probably a combination of stopping paroxetine cold turkey and being uable to tolerate the citalopram. I am day 2 on 10mg paroxetine and am really exhausted and feeling very negative about life. Stay well you give me hope, Thank you

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    Re: Great sucess with Paroxetine

    Its excellent that you are feeling so much better.
    My story is pretty similar to yours. I have not been to work in three months, suffered terrible panic attacks, was constantly dizzy and shakey, it felt like I had completly dropped off my perch and was never going to get back up onto it.
    I was started on 10mg paroxetine which was increased to 20mg after four weeks. It took a few weeks before I began to feel any effect, but after two months on it, I am preparing to go back to work next week, have not had a single panic attack in 6 weeks, the constant state of anxiety has gone, and I feel much more like the old me.
    I must admit I was sceptical when I started taking it. I had read of success stories, but was convinced it wouldnt work on me. But it seems it has. Am still only on 20mg, could possibly do with going up to 25mg to get rid of the last little bit of anxiety I have about certain things, but I think that is more to do with losing confidence which I need to rebuild after the events of the last few months rather than the medication needing to be increased.

    Hope your recovery continues, you are clearly doing very well.

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    Re: Great sucess with Paroxetine

    This is good news to read as my psychiatrist wants to change my medication from 10mg of escitalopram to 20mg of Paroxitine. Im going to have to taper of the escitalopram first however. He even told me that should i read up on this drug on the net their was bad things said about Paroxitine as to regards with addiction which he says is a total lie. My only concern is I hope i dont put any weight on and don't get many bad side effects! Maybe asking alot though

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