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Thread: urinary problems again!!

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    urinary problems again!!

    I am having urinary problems again as in my lower abdomen is aching, it feels like I need to go wee all the time, and it feels sore where the urine comes out. I have heard people on here mention before that there is some kind of cream you can but that has an anesthetic effect to help with the soreness. Its not itchy, just feels sore. Does anyone know what this cream is called?

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    Re: urinary problems again!!

    Hi there

    It's called Instillagel - you can't buy it over the counter but the Doc could prescribe or you can buy it on-line. I think it's 2% lidocaine.

    It's very soothing, especially if you keep it in the fridge.
    If you want the address of the UK web chemist I get mine from, just PM me.

    If you're at home, I find an ice pack helps too. A good method is a couple of spoonfuls of frozen peas in a plastic bag, wrapped in a hanky.

    Best regards


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