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Thread: War Basket Case.

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    War Basket Case.

    Greetings all. I surfed on to this site during one of my countless information seeking sessions about panic attacks. I have been a sufferer for some time, but badly for the past 3 years. Once upon a time I was a fearsome and formidable man. Former US Marine Infantryman, two time combat vet, competitive(locally) powerlifter. I was dismissive of life's troubles and I certainly didn't give a moments thought to "stress". Back then, to me, stress and it's associated problems were a dodge for those who couldn't hack it.
    Now, I struggle. For some reason, I have become fixated on having a heart attack. Every pain, every sensation out of the ordinary has to be evaluated by my mind as to whether or not it is a cardiac warning sign. Sometimes, one of these twinges or sensations is enough to put me on the road to a full fledged panic attack. Some days are wonderful, some days are rough, some are very rough.
    Anyhow, I'd best wrap this now or I'll go on all night. Allow me to say that this is the best anxiety related site I've found to date and it's been a joy reading articles about panic disorder written by people who understand it.

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    Hi MikeyJon

    A huge warm welcome to nmp.

    You'll get loads of advice and support here and make some lovely friends along the way.

    Best wishes

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    Re: War Basket Case.

    Hey Mikeyjon,

    This is a wonderful site. I suffer with panic attacks also and found it really helpful reading the information pages to the left.<<

    I hope you get what you need from the site.


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    Re: War Basket Case.

    It's hard for anyone to understand anxiety until they have it.
    Stress can build up over years resulting in anxiety.
    You are human at the end of the day so dont beat yourself up.
    It's very hard when anxiety can change who you are.
    But you just deal with it as best you can.
    Have you had all the tests to rule out medical causes and are you in therapy or on medication?

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    Re: War Basket Case.

    Hiya and welcome to NMP I hope you find the help and advice here and maybe make a few friends in the process

    Emmz xx

    nolite te basstardes carborundorum

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    Re: War Basket Case.

    Hi and welcome to NMP , you will find it supportive here

    Paige x

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