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Thread: am i addicted to sex?

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    am i addicted to sex?

    im having concerns , i think i could be addicted to sex?!?!?
    does it sound ridiculas?
    i suffer from HA and mild OCD
    but i am having concerns since i get so angery when my boyfriend doesnt want to have sex with me
    every night i try and when he doesnt want it i get so mad ans irrational and start accusing him of cheating on me, eventually i calm down then feel abit ashamed and ridiculas of my behavior then i keep promising myself i wont try to have sex or get angrey if he doesnt want to but i cant help myself, i try not to get angrey but i cant help it, am i a sex addict, or is it more insecurity issues? please help xx

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    Re: am i addicted to sex?

    Sounds like your having previews of wat its like to be a man lol

    U don't sound addicted. If u was ud cheat to get it.

    Maybe not even insecure.

    Could be a product of ur anxieties. A way of venting or something x x x
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    Re: am i addicted to sex?

    No you don't have sex addiction, you just want to have it
    If you were a sex addict you would be out having sex with random strangers , you would have to feed the addiction which you are not.
    I have a friend who I think is a sex addict, and he is obbssed with sex, if he doesn't have sex he gets very depressed.

    Ok first off stop trying to have sex with your boyfriend, cool it off for a day or two .
    Then talk to him about the lack of intimacy.

    His shutting down on you is what men do when they are stressed.
    When he turns you down, you get angry and it becomes a bit of a cycle, he is part of the problem too.
    So cool it off and see what happens and then try and talk with him.

    It does sound like you are setting your self up for rejection and then you get angry at him because your hurt, but getting angry could be making him not want to be close with you.

    Are they any problems in the relationship outside of the bedroom?

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    Re: am i addicted to sex?

    no other problems, we have a really good relationship, i cooled it last night and we wer fine, no arguing
    i think i panicked when i wrote this and wasnt thinking straight xx

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    Re: am i addicted to sex?

    Aw that's good
    Hopefully you may be able to talk to him about it at some point.

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    Re: am i addicted to sex?

    I have no idea why the first two posters say you're not a sex addict.

    I'm NOT saying you are - in fact imvho to me it sounds more like insecurity coupled with a very high libido (maybe some OCD and other stuff in there) - just that I think they're offering hunches as 'fact'.

    If I were you I'd talk through my feelings with my bf as much as you can, I think that'd be a great start
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