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Thread: Heart palpitations

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    Heart palpitations

    Apologies if I am repeating stuff that has been on recent threads but I'm really scared about this now. I've had palpitations on and off for the last three years. For two weeks now I have been really bloated and had some acid and heartburn and I keep getting palpitations. Since Friday night I have been woken up in the middle of the night with my heart fluttering and pausing, the only way to make it stop is to walk around and try to pass wind or burp. I went to the Dr on Monday and I didn't think he really listened to me, he gave me some tablets for the acid and said nothing about the palpitations. I also got dome Deflatine from the chemist as I'm not keen on taking medication and they seemed to work for a couple of nights. Today I went to the gym and the exercise seems to have made me really bloated and now I have started having the palps again. The logical part of my head says there is nothing to worry about and they are just a side effect of the gloating and made worse by my panicking, but then there's that other side! That is absolutely freaking out and desperate to go to A and E and demand an ECG! I had one three years ago along with blood tests and everything was fine. Should I just try and keep calm and not make too big a deal out of them? I don't want to keep running to the dr for reassurance as frankly I ever feel reassured by my dr! But Im so scared, sorry for rambling on, I just need someone to talk to, my husband is very good and doesn't mind any of it but sometimes his calmness makes me even more uptight!

    Thank you for reading this and any advice/comments would be appreciated.

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    Re: Heart palpitations

    I was just coming to post the same thing here, I'm similar to you as i've had them about 3 years too and I went to a&e 18 months ago and had an ECG and they said my heart was fast but that was because I was extremely anxious. They said everything else was normal and I've not been to gp about it.
    Maybe you could ask to see another doctor?

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    Talking Re: Heart palpitations

    Hello Meg

    I agree with Crystal ask to see another Dr. But with palps I've found the more you worry the more they happen it is a viscous circle. your other symptoms sound anxiety related as well. I started having panic attacks worrying about having a heart attack when I had palps, I have also had the indigestion and bloated feeling. I sympathise it does get better don't worry

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    Re: Heart palpitations

    Many thanks for replying so fast I've thought about asking for another dr but it's a bit awkward as there are only three at my surgery and I've already swapped from one as she was horrible. I'm pretty confidant most of the time that the last ECG is good and it's just the indigestion etc, it's just when they start up again it throws me, I'm tempted to just go to the local walk in centre rather than my dr but I probably won't as I don't want to waste their time. I never get dizzy,light headed or anything like that, it just unsettled me and frankly makes me miserable. I think if there was much wrong with me something major would have happened by now as despite having them I keep going to the gym and I have had loads before whilst riding my bike, it's frightening me more that I am having them at rest.

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    Re: Heart palpitations

    i know exactly how you feel dont worry bout posting here before im always on here with the samething the ectopics are so horrible you need reasurance it makes us feel so much better like you i dont feel i get alot of help from my doctor and ive seen so many at the practice i know ther just tired of me. i also suffer from on going indigestion. i had it everyday for about 6 months in the end the doc put me on lansoprazole im on it everyday for life now but i really thin k it is down to my anxiety cause when i fell pregnant i wasent allowed to take em and it stopped i think it was my head knew i couldent take him if you know what i mean??? then when i had my boy it came bck again knew i could take the pills so it wentxx

    a life lived in fear is a life half lived

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