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Thread: My Uncle Has Prostate Cancer. Now I'm Scared?

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    My Uncle Has Prostate Cancer. Now I'm Scared?

    Hi my uncle (mother's bro) was diagnosed with the said illness even before I became a hypochondriac.

    On a lighter note, he's been doing quite well since his diagnosis.

    It just hit me now that I'm at high risk of having the disease? :( My mother and father seem to have no traces in the family of such disease. Everybody else in the clan as well. It's just so unfortunate of him to have this. I'm scared that I'm at risk?

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    Re: My Uncle Has Prostate Cancer. Now I'm Scared?

    I'm sorry that you are feeling this way. But i wouldn't worry. I myself are going throught he worrying about Cancer and i can't stop reading information about it. You are at a greater risk of it from many factors and also more so from family hisory of it but manly mother,father,sisiter,brother. I wouldn't worry yourself at all, i'm sure you will be fine. Easier said than done though i know. Take care Sorry to hear about your uncle.

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    Re: My Uncle Has Prostate Cancer. Now I'm Scared?

    Every male is at risk of developing prostrate cancer and that's why it is so important to read up on the symptoms of the illness and to get medical help at the earliest possible time if at all concerned. Your family history may give you worries but to be honest I would not overly concern yourself. There are two types of prostatic enlargement, benign and malignant and both carry the same symptoms and also one fact that is very very interesting is that many an old man has prostate cancer but never knew as prostate cancer is inevitable in very old age. The older we get the higher the risk but with Prostate cancer it can be so slow growing it can cause us no real problems. Yes there are aggressive forms but as I have explained there are types that cause no real issues. I would say that you are at no higher risk than the average man but common sense is that you should check for all forms of cancer regularly such as testicular and breast ( yes men can get breast cancer ) and please do not get strung up over this just keep an eye on your health and get medical advice when needed.

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    Re: My Uncle Has Prostate Cancer. Now I'm Scared?

    Thank you brooke and ron. I think my uncle has the milder form of prostate cancer. He is really doing loads better now. He's been gaining weight which I think is good.

    I'll update you more on this soon. Thank you again for your replies. I'm feeling better

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    Re: My Uncle Has Prostate Cancer. Now I'm Scared?

    Unfortunately my great uncle has this as well but his is terminal , he doesnt have long to go, but he is still his jolly self never let anyone see him sad. I dont really know much about it, but i wish your uncle well xxx

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