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Thread: Annoyed!

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    i feel annoyed as ive just been told somone in my family has said i dont know what stress is!!!!

    Some people are so rude, they dont know what is going on in my head!!

    Sorry guys just had to vent!!

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    Re: Annoyed!

    Ignorance. It's no excuse but unless you have sufferred with "proper" stress it's just a word.

    Don;t let it wind you up.

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    Re: Annoyed!

    it is good to vent and can really help to get it all out so dont worry that what this website is for.
    in my opinion families usually arent very understanding even if they do try.
    oh hi btw im new

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    Re: Annoyed!

    Thanks guys! i do like a good vent, just really annoyed as i have helped this certain person in the past when they have needed me and feel a bit let down by them! but on the plus side a lot of people have been fantastic as i have decided to be honest about how i feel instead of hiding away (first time in about 15 years!)

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