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Thread: Day 2, side-affects advice!

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    Day 2, side-affects advice!

    Hi Everyone, I started taking 20mg of citalopram on wednesday night. I was very nervous about starting but decided after years of anxiety and limiting my lifestyle I needed to try it.

    I was worried about the side affects I would get and wanted to post for reassurance that these are what anyone could call normal?

    I have felt extremely tired and exhausted and have been waking in the night. Last night when I woke I started to feel extremely anxious for no reason, and was thinking I was going crazy because of this medication and that I shouldnt of started it!

    I feel like my anxiety has worsened since I started taking them and Im becoming paranoid I have made the wrong decision.

    I just need reassurance that other people have felt like this and that Im not going to go crazy because of these tablets and should I keep taking them? Will it get better, worse or stay like this even though Im only on my 2nd day


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    Re: Day 2, side-affects advice!


    I felt exactly the same and am now on week 3 and am starting to feel so much better. I'm waking up a bit anxious still but with a smile on my face and not full of dread for the day ahead. I started on a lower dose than you so its probably taken me longer to get here. I'm still sleepy but my appetite is coming back and my mum says she can tell its working as i'm back to being feisty when i call her.

    It will get better, its hard to accept you need a tiny pill to make things better but you need to trust that everything is happening as it should and to not fight it. I've been having the bizarrest dreams and memories coming back so think its just your brains way of sorting itself out.

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    Re: Day 2, side-affects advice!

    Thankyou, Im just looking forward to when they will start helping me. I suppose I should be thankful I dont have more sideaffects but feeling paranoid about the medication isnt nice either!

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