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    Ovarian cyst removal - HA getting out of control again

    I have a 6.5cm ovarian cyst which was discovered by chance while having a transvaginal ultrasound for spotting between periods. The spotting has settled, and was thought to be hormonal (might actually be related to the cyst but who knows), but the cyst has to come out because it's on the large side. I'm 37, no children.

    The sonographer, consultant, and surgeon all tell me there's nothing to indicate that the cyst is cancerous, but obviously you can't tell 100% until it's been removed. My operation is booked for 10th December, and I'm getting increasingly anxious about the whole thing. I've never been in hospital overnight, never had a general anaesthetic, am worried about what they might find - everything.

    I'm now fixated on the cyst and on all the other aches and pains in my body. I have had painful periods, and lumpy and painful breasts for years now, and part of me thinks this all might be related to the cyst but my HA is telling me it all points to something sinister going on.

    My breast pain has been quite bad recently, and I put it down to being the week before my period, but my period ended yesterday and I had a sharp burning pain in the underside of one breast that only lasted a few seconds at a time but came and went for about 6 hours. It's gone now, or at least I haven't had it today. I think I've occasionally had something like this before, but this combined with the ovarian cancer worry has sent my HA completely bonkers.

    I've been through so much HA with my breasts in previous years, have been to the breast clinic three times and paid for a private mammo and ultrasound last year - always been told it's fibrocystic and normal for me. I can't feel any new lumps, and the pain isn't different from before, just different patterns.

    I'm sorry to rant on, and I'm not really expecting any answers, just needed to get it out somewhere. I hate HA, and really thought I'd got on top of it in the last year, until this cyst was discovered, and even then I was doing ok initially until the temptation of Dr Google got too much.

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    Re: Ovarian cyst removal - HA getting out of control again

    Hi stick1974,

    Your story sounds fairly similar to mine, and I know it is a daunting thing hun,

    I too had a history of spotting between periods just over a year ago, over a period of about 3 months. I was referred for a transvaginal scan and they found a small cyst on my left ovary. I was very lucky as because it was small I was told by the sonographer it would probably resolve before my next period. I was asked to return after my period and have another scan and it had indeed gone.

    What I will say firstly, and I hope this comforts you somewhat, is that more than 9 out of 10 cysts are totally benign, which are very high stats, so the likelihood that yours is not are very, very slim to none. There are certain reasons why they sometimes have to surgically remove cysts, and yours being a bit bigger is one of them. Cysts are also very, very common.

    The other thing we have in common is problem, lumpy breasts!

    I had some shooting pains in my breast last year and just generally tender boobs outside of my normal time of the month pains. I saw my GP who could feel a small pea size lump, and I was very worried to say the least! I was referred to the breast clinic, had a scan which showed I had multiple microcysts in my left breast. Again, these are apparently very common and hormonally cause.

    I have now come to the conclusion that I am just one big ball of raging hormones with my ovarian cyst and my cysty breasts!!

    Apparently, some of us are very hormonal, and both of these probs are caused by that, so what I am trying to express to you is that you are not alone and these things are very common in women. The joys of womanhood!

    I am confident that all will be just fine for you. The op you are going to have is generally straightforward. The staying in overnight is just because of your particular op and the fact you are having a GA (and 4 hours post op is the ballpark time required for recovery).

    I am certain all we be well hun.

    Good luck and keep us posted,


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    Re: Ovarian cyst removal - HA getting out of control again

    I had a couple of dermoid cysts removed when i was your age, one small one and a large one on the other ovary. They are usually very good at detecting on the scan whether or not they look sinister. Mine were solid cysts and they assured me that they looked OK.
    My periods were very heavy with spotting throughout the month and achy boobs.
    The worse thing for me was trying to sit comfortably they stuck into me if i sat awkwardly.
    I just had day surgery so i didnt have to stay in. You will be fine.

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    Re: Ovarian cyst removal - HA getting out of control again

    l dont really have a lot to say, only lm new here and can relate to everything you say. Ive just posted about bleeding, but lm exactly the same, feeling new pains etc all the time. But as debs71 pointed out usually these cysts are benign. Hope you manage to keep away from dr google. Peoples own experinces here are worth much more credibility.

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    Re: Ovarian cyst removal - HA getting out of control again


    I know exactly what you are going through. I had loads of problems with periods and was the start of my HA that still goes on with gynae cancer fears! I also through have TV scan found 7cm cyst that had to be removed due to size. I had also never been in hosptial, no GA and v overweight as was terrified!

    My gynae was completly unconcerned as cysts are so common and they can pretty much tell from a TV scan .. the actual op was completely fine, I didn't mind the GA at all it is literally like blinking and then opening your eyes again - I felt a bit sick but didn't last long and I enjoyed 2 weeks of work! I totally understand your worry but honestly it will be fine - they really are so common. They only have to be removed as its possible they could twist and ruin your ovary - my gynae said chances are you could spend your whole life with it and never know but better to deal with it.

    My periods took months and months to settle - still have odd issue now. who knows if due to hormones or my HA now - please don't go down the route I did, you will be fine and all over soon xxx

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    Re: Ovarian cyst removal - HA getting out of control again

    The best advice I can give on the GA, is to relax and accept it has to be done and put your faith in the doctors. You will be in the safest place in the world , the hospital
    There might be a lot of waiting around in your paper gown lol.
    But then the nurse will come and get you, it happens very fast you won't have time really to panic or to think.
    I was asked to hop up on to a table, the nurses put stickers and wires on my chest.
    One nurse had very pretty eye make up so I just kept look at her and she smiled under her face mask thing.
    This time I has gas and it was my first time getting that. I had a mask put over my face , now it's not the best feeling ever, you do get that sudden rush of fear and what if's.....
    But I took 3 breaths and I was out !
    Waking up was ok, you just feel sleepy, I was a wee bit anxious but just told my self to breath and then I would fall asleep. I slept on and off maybe an hour or even two.

    It is a bit scary but it is not that bad. It just happens so fast and before you know it , it's all over.
    I put off my wisdom teeth surgery until I was in extreme pain! I was so scared of being put to sleep. I was beyond terrified. But I am ok now and every thing went really well.

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    Re: Ovarian cyst removal - HA getting out of control again

    Hey, wanted to try to make you feel better. I had an 8cm cyst and I am a very petite lady. When they scanned it they said there was an 8cm "mass". Well that terrified me, I passed out.
    Anyway, they then went on to say it didn't look suspicious but they wouldn't know for sure until they removed it. I think to be honest they have to say this to cover themselves so they don't get sued - they can tell 99.9999999% from the scan!
    Mine was benign, an endometriosis cyst. Op was fine. Bit uncomfortable afterwards as it's a bit like a C section cut, but nothing to worry about - honestly! It was my first ever op and I was crying when I got to the hospital but it was absolutely fine! So will you be xxxxx

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    Re: Ovarian cyst removal - HA getting out of control again

    Wow, thank you so much for all your responses. I can't say how much they've helped. My operation is tomorrow and I thought I was doing ok, but out of nowhere last night I started feeling really nauseous and I'm still feeling like that today. Part of me thinks this is completely typical for me and that it's just nerves. Part of me thinks this is such a strong feeling that I must have contracted norovirus or something and that I won't be able to have the operation. I was at a friend's house on Wednesday when her little girl was sick, but she was only sick once and has been fine since, so probably not norovirus, but it seems like a bit of a coincidence to me. I suppose I can't quite believe that my mind can bring on such strong symptoms. I'm panicking because I don't feel like eating anything, and drinking water seems to help a bit, but I won't be able to have any water after tonight because of the general anaesthetic. I honestly don't know how I'm going to be able to make it to hospital and endure waiting for the operation without getting into a complete state. Is this normal? I feel like I'm losing it

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    Re: Ovarian cyst removal - HA getting out of control again

    Hi again Stick!

    It is TOTALLY normal to be nervous before an op. Without being anxious is bad enough, let alone having to do it with bad anxiety.

    It is amazing how sick nerves can make us feel, and it does sound more like you are suffering with a very nervous stomach rather than norovirus. When I am a bag of anxiety, or panicky when in public, I literally feel like I am going to throw up right there!! It is horrible, I know.

    I am guessing too that your reduced appetite is nerves too. I know it is really hard to do so when you don't feel like having anything to eat, but do try just to have something even very light if you can, especially tonight as you will be fasting until you have the op. I know it is hard. Even something like a couple of slices of toast or a bowl of soup.

    Try if you can to focus on how great it will be for you once the op is done and dusted, and not what is going to happen tomorrow. The most nerve inducing part is the 'unknown' and the part before the op itself I think, but please know you have nothing to worry about. A lot of that is formalities and regimes until they take you to theatre. I am certain you will be just fine hun.

    Granted, there may well be a bit if hanging about before the op, it kind of depends where you are placed on the op list. Sometimes it is super quick if you are first, other times you have to wait a bit, and that is the part where the nerves might kick in. Take lots of mags with you, maybe an Ipod if you have one, or anything that may distract you a bit from it all. The worst thing is to sit there in anticipation I think. In one way it is good, as when you arrive there are things going on that will distract you a bit from your nerves, like the nurse who will admit you, do the paperwork and your observations, then the doctor who will 'clerk you in', and the anaesthetist will come and chat with you a bit.

    Keep your chin up can do it!!!!!!!

    Big hugs and keep us

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    Re: Ovarian cyst removal - HA getting out of control again

    Thank you so much. I guess I'd imagined feeling nervous, but not as badly as this. I've now got very loose bowels as well - again, not out of character for the way I react to stressful situations, but combined with the nausea and feeling shaky and shivery/hot I'm thinking the worst re norovirus. I just can't seem to calm myself down. I know I should probably eat something, especially as I'll be fasting, but really the sight and smell of food makes me feel like throwing up. I'm at work at the moment, as I thought it would be a distraction, but I'm thinking about going home. Not sure that I'll feel any better there. Do you know of anything I could take to combat the nausea? Should I call the nurse I saw for my pre-op assessment and tell her what's going on and how I'm feeling?

    Thanks for listening. I really want to get through this, but am feeling so bad I don't think I even care anymore about getting rid of the cyst

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