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Thread: Forgotten my thoughts, Help!

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    Forgotten my thoughts, Help!

    Hey, just wanted to ask if anyone who has ever had intrusive thoughts has became so caught up in them that they may be preoccupied with for example watching a film, reading a book/magazine, driving etc. you may argue with them but a particular thought you may forget and panic about forgetting it, although you would NEVER act upon it but worry about forgetting it, it may come back to you later on but you may start over-analysing it later e.g. your reaction, questioning it etc. just anything really? Sorry if this sounds quite bizzare, Thanks for reading this anyway.

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    Re: Forgotten my thoughts, Help!

    Hi just thought I would say, sounds like a lot of anxiety and over analizing happening, are you on medication as sometimes that can bring in intrusive thoughts. I have had them and have had nightmares about child abuse which is horrible. Don't worry your not mad, it's just you need to slow down, relax and maybe speak to your dr if it's still bothering you as maybe you have a condition. Hey don't worry though, they can offer a lot of support and your not mental, your a human being that maybe needs to be a little understanding of what's going on and guidance. Remember if there's anything wrong then they can find the right medication to it you right ok

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    Re: Forgotten my thoughts, Help!

    Thanks Lawrie, someone on the forum did mention pure o or possibly GAD, i'll take your advice and speak to my GP about it, i'm currently on propranolol, but been prescribed citalopram now but i'll speak to my doctor obviously I WON'T take them together but i'll see which works best, Thanks again
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