A couple of months ago my DH and I started the gym. We had to have out BP taken first and my DH was 144/103 , he took it again and it lowered to 139/96 but said he couln't join gym due to high BP, so hubby went the drs where it was high again and was asked to have bloods taken in 3 weeks and have BP taken again in 4 weeks. When he had bloods done BP was taken and it was 136/93, then at drs week after 148/97 ( it was taken after the dr had just discussed his blood tests with him, couple where a little high but normal ) Was advised to buy a home BP monitor and come back in 4 weeks again. Took his bp at home and it was 133/83. Sooooooooooooo lol Do you think maybe DH anxiety plays a part when he goes the drs to have BP taken? If he had high BP would it be consstently high at home too and not fall to a normal level? We've yet to take it again today as we have to take it same time every day. This has been worrying my DH so much and he lives a healthy lifestyle, not overweight and doesn't smoke so hes wondering why he should have high BP.

Thank you so much xxx