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Thread: Cbt4panic ......

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    Cbt4panic ......

    I have just signed up tonight, fingers crossed it works for me!

    Going to have a look at it for a bit now before bed, then hopefully do a little every night.

    If anyone is interested I might post updates on here?? Let me know

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    Re: Cbt4panic ......

    Good luck with it

    Don't forget to contact Robin on here if you have any questions etc about it

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    Re: Cbt4panic ......

    I've already contacted Robin via email to check if he thought the program would benefit me as I have quite specific social anxiety.

    I read through Workbook 1 last night and really enjoyed it. I liked the use of the cartoons, they helped explain some of the points really well.

    I could relate to a lot of it, to be honest it was nothing I hadn't read before, but the way it was written did make me question myself a few times, and I think maybe I do have actual panic attacks, just not as bad as some people have them.

    Looking forward to reading a bit of Workbook 2 now, might not finish it tonight though as they are quite long!

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    Re: Cbt4panic ......

    Hi Rainbow

    Glad that you are getting something from the programme even though your difficulties are not solely panic attacks.

    A lot of the programme relates to many disorders and can be adapted.

    I have sent you an email and hopefully we can work some more on your specific problem.

    Best of luck
    Robin Hall is a Cognitive Therapist and co author of the professional CBT4PANIC programme recommended here on nomorepanic.

    CBT4Panic is now completely FREE and anyone can access the full programme here

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