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Thread: Back Pain

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    Back Pain

    Does anyone suffer from upper back pain since having PA's and AA's?

    Any help would be great as i am in agony.


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    Hi Liz.

    Well after I have had a panic attack I sometimes get back pain yes. Its most likely from the stress of an attack and then I just feel all weak afterwards. Is this how you feel?

    x x

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    Hi Liz

    I suffer from back pain top middle and lower. For me its a muscular thing Ive been told. Plus my doc diagnosed arthritis in my left shoulder but I think its all down to my anxiety. Try a really hot bath with candles lit this helps me great.

    Hope you feel better soonx


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    Hi I get middle and lower back pain, I just think its all the tension!

    Take care

    'This too will pass'

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    hi! definately locking muscular pain due to anxiety, I would think. I went last week for a massage....she said my neck muscles were rocks...know for a fact that clamping muscle locks will hurt like that. My husband locked so badly in his upper legs during a job he had as a customer service rep, that he went into painful spasms in upper leg.
    hot bath with relaxing scents as mentioned above sound really helpful. good luck, and I am sorry you are experiencing this nasty symptom! best, xxo, taf

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