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Thread: Severe anxiety come back after 9 years :(

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    Severe anxiety come back after 9 years :(

    My panic attacks started back again in July but I wasnt getting them all the time, then I started feeling dizzy in october, then in Nov got my anxiety feeling back 24/7 for 3 days much managed to control and get rid of it. My hubbys Dad died on Mon and now my anxiety/panic have come back at full pelt.

    I've been concentrating more on the off balance feeling am getting, its like motion sickness and I feel like the ground keeps coming up towards me which makes me feel sick. I have jittery, on edge, get pains/pressure in chest , presure in stomach and it all seems to be coming in waves. My dr has given me 20mg fluoxetine to try. Is anyone experiancing similar symptoms or on this anti 'ds and do they help??

    I need some help !!!

    Thank you xxx

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    Re: Severe anxiety come back after 9 years :(

    Hi so sorry your having a rough time im so very sorry to hear about your husbands dad its no wonder your anxiety is sky high, i suffer with anxiety and panic attacks andd have had every symptom youve described plus many more!! ive been taking citalopram for 13 weeks and slowly getting there but had a bad day today with my anxiety and panics so i know exactly how your feeling, can't help you on experience of fluoxetine im afraid but theres loads on here about it, have u started it yet? if so how u finding it? really hope u feel better soon xx
    You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it x x x x x x x x

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    Re: Severe anxiety come back after 9 years :(

    I was on Fluoxetine, it did make me feel a bit weird at first, my balance was a bit funny. But I did not find that the drug helped me at all and I asked to be taken off it.

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    Re: Severe anxiety come back after 9 years :(

    So sorry to hear about your Father-in-law :(

    A death is just the sort of thing to make anxiety come a-bouncing back with vengeance. :(

    The dizzy thing is something i get a LOT, i can be sat on the flippin' sofa watching tv and suddenly i feel so so dizzy, like the sofa below me is moving, it happens when i am stood, sat, laid down, inside the house, outside the house, anywhere, anytime.

    What i can say is that not once have i fell, fainted or anything else.

    Its anxiety through and through and the more you focus on it, the more it comes.

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    Re: Severe anxiety come back after 9 years :(

    Thank you everyone. Not started the meds yet as am worred about getting worse and ruining christmas. Mndful I can totally relate to the fact that the more you think of the off balance feeling the more it happens. It doesn't seem to be there when I first wake up but increases in the day which sets off my anxiety so its like a vicious circle. Thank you again xxx

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    Re: Severe anxiety come back after 9 years :(

    Meds are a double edge sword - they can take the edge off but the withdrawal can be WAY worse than any normal anxiety. Took me 24 months to recover from AD withdrawal and It was brutal

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    Re: Severe anxiety come back after 9 years :(

    Hmm, see a doctor. There may be a drug that you can go on and come off, like xanax. The death and Christmas may just need short term therapy.

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