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Thread: should i swap???

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    Re: should i swap???

    How is everyone going? Enjoying the Olympics?!

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    Re: should i swap???

    Hi Jarrod,
    Loving the Olympics thanks, I've really got into some of the events because it's over here. We've got tickets for the 9th Aug to watch the 200m mens final and the 800m mens final and some other good track and field events. I'm quite anxious about going but hoping the enormity and buzz of it all keeps me distracted. My family are going to Harry Potter studios the next day and I've got a free day in London (HP isn't my cup of tea) and again I'm quite anxious about being in London alone but am planning to have some me time and visit some galleries and shop.
    Anxiety is still lurking but I'm better than I have been, am working and functioning pretty normally. Hope you're doing OK and all the other posters from this thread X

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