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    Best Treatment

    Hi all,

    I am sure i have anxiety and mild based IBS. I can't stomach pains when i get anxiety. I focus on my stomach too much and i worry about going places incase i have an attack.

    I have a noisy stomach and trapped wind rarely.. but i still get it. Also i feel full after meals and sometimes need the toilet. I still believe this is because i think this (on my mind).

    Just after a few answers.

    1) With an IBS sufferer how many toilet trips do they make? I go once a day sometimes loose pellet like if i am nervous but other times its solid. I never ever get constipation.

    2) With abdominal pain how long does it last? When i worry about it i get a pain and then i go to toilet and it goes and i calm down so it subsides. When i get calmer it goes. But sometimes when i am relax i get it and the pain is mild it feels like a stomach ache. I am not doubled up in pain goes when i go to the toilet.

    3) What is the best treatment? I have been prescribed mebevine and doesn't seem that good i have tried colpermin and it doesn;t seem that good. I am looking really for something to really shift abdominal pain which triggers of my anxiety..

    Overall i need advice as i am unsure if I have IBS i have had tests for celiac and others and all were negative. What are your thoughts? It doesn't happen every day but it is on my mind so it feels bad all the time. Just need to cure it now..


    Merry Christmas

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    Re: Best Treatment

    Hi Ollie, thought I'd reply to your message since no one did & you are obviously still worrying about this. Really try not to work yourself up about it, as I started like you and now it has turned into full blown IBS panic, panic, panic about the toilet all day long :( I can't even make the 7 mile journey to work without panicking these days!
    Right questions:
    1. Sorry this is not very lady like but I can go to the toilet between 3-20 times a day, if I go twice when I wake up, once before I leave the house and twice when I get back, I class that as a good day!!
    2. I tend to constantly have stomach pain even when I am 'relaxed' I don't think my body knows how to relax my stomach muscles anymore at all! but at the worse times when I am 'doubled over in pain' so to speak, I think a couple of hours is probably the worst it has ever lasted but this tends to be when I don't eat enough for example this usual happens at work when I'm on a late shift (2-10pm).
    3. I think medication is different for everyone, and it depends what you are trying to cure - the actual needing the toilet or the stomach aches?
    for the cramps the best thing i have tried is colfac (half an hour before your meals 3 times a day) but im always to lazy to take it, and scared that if my muscles relax that i might need the toilet more, but the times ive taken it it has really helped with the stomach cramps.
    for the needing the toilet the best thing is loperamide i always carry these in my bag, and the other thing is rennies if it is like wind symptoms, and i dont know the name but some pink ones that they sell at like savers and places like that, they are calcium something or other i will find out.

    hope this helps x

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