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Thread: How long till it worked for you

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    Question How long till it worked for you

    Hey guys

    I was just wondering how long it has taken you to feel better and for the side effects to go away?
    I'm on 4.5 weeks but I havnt changed much and my Apetite still isn't back :(:(

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    Re: How long till it worked for you

    Im on week 6 or 7 I can never remember lol got my appetite back this week and feeling miles better already after a very very rocky start to taking the meds. Give it a wee while yet (L)
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    Re: How long till it worked for you

    Hi, my friends and family said I started to resemble myself after 3 weeks but I was still having side effects and high anxiety for 6-8 weeks. I asked my doctor for counselling but the counsellor referred me to an anxiety specialist, and that's when I started recovering. Make sure that you have a support network: therapist, helpline (eg Anxiety UK), a friend you can talk to.
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    Re: How long till it worked for you

    Hi goggy, i noticed improvement at around 8 week mark, but side effects went away after about 4 weeks, keep going you are nearly there x

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