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Thread: worried about ecg results

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    worried about ecg results

    Hi there, havent been here for a long time, (thankfully, have been doing ok) but have been really anxious about results on a recent ECG.

    Ive had palpitations on and off for over 7 years, ever since bother with overactive thyroid. Thats all under control now(had RAI and now on thyroxine). Before Christmas, GP sent me for ECG. I didnt think anything of it, but it came back with something abnormal - a short PR interval. I dont think there was anything else abnormal about it, never was mentioned anyhow. She emailed ECG to cardiologist, who has got back saying saying to do a 24 hr tape, if nothing showed on that, an event monitor.

    Now, my palpitations arent really that bad, and Ive always put it down to thyroid, low iron, which I get sometimes. But I looked up on internet what short pr interval could be due to, and Im terrified I have some of the more serious things it could be, even though I did also read it can be normal in some people.

    One of the things, is seemingly really noticeable on ECG, so Im presuming if cardiologist never mentioned this, then there was no evidence of it? I have an app with GP for 2 weeks time, so will ask my questions then, but does anyone know anything about this? Experienced this? Have anHy opinions?!

    Trying not to stress out even more, but this just seems to be kicking off all the anxiety/panic again.


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    Re: worried about ecg results

    I can sympathize with you very much! (see my recent post in this section about the stress ecg abnormality!) I'm sorry I'm (obviously) not a cardio doctor so can't tell you anything about the short PR interval.. but I also got told that mine is an abnormal tracing for my age (25) but that it can just be normal in some people, it's just unusual. Now I have to wait for an appointment with the cardiologist to talk about the results.
    Being quite impatient (and worried) I was looking up things online before -NOT a good idea really.. so I understand where you're coming from!

    Anyway, as I read someone else say on here - if there was something really worrying on your ECG they wouldn't just let you walk away and get on with things. I have done the 24hr monitor and the event recorder, and just palps showed up, which the cardio said he'd expect in any healthy young person when given these tests (he said many people have them and don't even know they do! Interesting fact)

    Have you had the 24hr already? Try not to worry.. if the cardiologist didn't mention something you're worrying about then there must be no evidence of it! These people really have to do their job properly, imagine the trouble they'd be in if they didn't.

    All the best to you, and try not to stress. The way I'm seeing it is -I'm the same as I was before the test -so nothing has changed, it's just that you know something you didn't. But it's ok because if it's anything you needed treatment for you would get to know about it. And the chances are you're completely fine.
    God bless =)
    "Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest" - Jesus

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