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Thread: Had my ultrasound

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    Had my ultrasound


    thanks to all those of you who have responded to my posts. I just wanted to let you know that I went for my ultrasound today and from what the sonographer said all appears to be ok.

    She asked questions about why I was there, and symptoms etc, then had a scan round and said " to be perfectly honest most of the time when women are experiencing intermittent bleeding and bleeding after intercourse, there is no explanation for it". She then went on to say " and everything seems to be normal on here, I can see nothing that would be causing it, you have no fibroids, polyps and the lining of the womb looks fine".

    As you can tell I was taking in every word, I then thought she hasn't mentioned my ovaries so I said did they look ok and she said "they look fine".

    Honestly the relief at that point, I could have cried, I was literally in there a few minutes and she then said, "well you have a lovely full bladder so I'll let you escape now" and that was it!!!

    All this worry and stress I can't believe it was ok, I really thought something would be wrong with my ovaries.

    I went on to say "would I hear from the doctor or not and she said probably not because it all looks ok, but if you are concerned about this still happening then you need to make another appt with them, she ended with but it will be a week or so before they get the scan.

    So I'm hoping that's it for the time being, I've had a 3 clear smears, a normal pelvic exam and from what she said the ultrasound looks ok, so I'm really hoping I can stop thinking about this ovarian/cervical cancer thing and start moving forward, just one final reassurance, she wouldn't be able to say all that if it weren't the case would she?

    Just wanted to update you and say thanks for all your replies

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    Re: Had my ultrasound

    Try not to worry. If she had any doubt, however small, she would have said nothing. I work for the NHS and I know that unless we are 110% positive, we can not give out any result information at all. We simply say that you will hear from your Gp in due course.

    I had pre-cancerous cells detectedin a smear when I was 20. I had CIN111. Had a colposcopy, biopsy. And touch wood have been ok since. I also recently had an ultrasound which picked up polycystic ovaries and fibroids.

    If she said there was no abnormality found, I think you can be confident that's truly because the IS NO abnormality.

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    Re: Had my ultrasound

    I'm new, so didn't see your earlier posts but glad you've got the reassurance you were looking for. Must be such a relief.

    It's great to hear that the sonographer says that for a lot of abnormal bleeding, no real cause can be found. I've been having spotting and I've got a smear test (and swabs for infections) tomorrow morning and then if that's normal I will be sent for a scan so it makes me feel a lot better that it may just be nothing. But still, I'm extremely anxious, but you've given me hope that there may be hope at the other end of all this.

    Hope you manage to hold on to the relief you are feeling now and keep thinking positive.

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    Re: Had my ultrasound

    Thank you for the reassurance Miss T and I'm gad to hear that all is good with you now, I also have had abnormal cells twice and dread going for smears but having said that I think it's better to be closely monitored and have these things picked up early. x

    Stresscase I had read that spotting between periods and bleeding after sex quite often has no obvious cause, but it's still nice to hear it from someone who sees this kind of thing everyday.

    It's horrible having to have the tests done but because we are not the kind of people who can just think rationally about these things I think we have to do it for peace of mind.

    Good luck with all your tests and I'm sure your's will be down to to hormones or just the joys of being a woman!!! Be sure to let us know how it goes.

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    Re: Had my ultrasound

    Alot of the time its due to wonky hormones so the womb lining is very fragile and bleeds easily. I had this alot at the beginning of peri meno and had all the tests even including hysteroscopy 3 times over 6 years and every time all was fine it was just hormones.

    I also know fron experience of a relative that anything nasty is picked up on routine ultrasounds and the radiographer would not say all was fine. So if she said fine then its fine!

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