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Thread: What exactly is Ventricular Tachycardia??

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    Exclamation What exactly is Ventricular Tachycardia??

    Hi everyone,
    My big HA is all about my heart and whether I have some undiagnosed heart condition. I have had a ECG and blood tests and had two different doctors listen to my heart and all came back as fine.

    However, every time I run up stairs or even do the smallest of tasks around the house, my heart seems to beat really fast and hard. If I stop and sit down, it returns to normal quite quickly though. I don't get any other symptoms such as light headedness or dizziness when this happens.

    I have read about something called Ventricular Tachycardia and how it is a major cause of sudden death. I was just wondering what exactly is Ventricular Tachycardia? If you had VT, would it be constantly present or is it possible for it come and go? Does what I am experience sound like it could be VT?

    Any advice would be fantastic!

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    Re: What exactly is Ventricular Tachycardia??


    I'm not sure specifically about "ventricular" tachycardia, but I do know that tachycardia is a fairly normal occurance and it simply means the heart beats faster than normal.

    That being said, if you have had tests by your doctors, I would be inclined to peg this to your anxiety, especially given the fact that it happens when you do activities. I used to have heart related health anxiety and I was the same way. Any little activity would send my heart racing, but the truth is that I was probably just so aware of it that I had never noticed it before.

    I think what you are experiencing is quite normal but you can ask for a 24 hour holter monitor test if you feel you need to. I am trying to get away from testing myself, so if you think it will make your anxiety worse, regardless of the outcome, you should really consider whether you think the test is necessary.

    All that being said, even if you do have tachycardia, it is fairly easy to treat, from my understanding. (I would google it for you but then my heart would start acting funny).

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    Oh, I'll also mention that tachycardia in and of itself IS a symptom of anxiety. When our body pumps out so much adrenalin, it can cause palpitations and faster than normal heart beats. So, you may be experiencing tachycardia, but I would feel confident saying that it is your anxiety causing it. If it were me, I would try to get my anxiety under control and then if you are still noticing the issue, consider further testing. I had all sorts of heart symptoms my first go around with HA but they went away quickly as I started feeling better.

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    Re: What exactly is Ventricular Tachycardia??

    Thanks for your reply. I honestly think it is down to my anxiety and worry over my heart as I had overcome by health anxiety but it has started to rear its ugly head again! Sometimes when I am distracted, I don't notice any symptoms so it all points to my anxiety.
    A thought I can't seem to shift at the minute is when you hear about young people just dying from an undiagnosed heart conditions and the family saying they had no symptoms. Surely, if you had a serious heart condition that could cause you to drop dead like that, you would have some symptoms of it? I'm not sure if you can offer me any advice on this or if you have had similar worries in the past?

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    Re: What exactly is Ventricular Tachycardia??

    I have had similar concerns in the past. My heart anxiety was BAD, although I did have a heart related event after having my son, so that spun me out of control. I was afraid to work out for the longest time, fearing sudden cardiac death.

    Is it true that young people can die of many different illnesses and diseases, with or without symptoms? Of course. BUT it is HIGHLY unlikely that you are going to die from heart related issues, without real symptoms, ESPECIALLY since you have been checked out by 2 doctors. I know all about health anxiety and how it works, so I'm sure you won't get much assurance until you are ready to move on from this (and if you are unlucky like me, you will move onto another body part to be worried about ).

    Just remember that the heart is probably the number one organ affected by anxiety. Palpitations, fast is all VERY common. I've had my fair share of heart concerns but I truly think that you should try to get your anxiety under control and then see how you feel. Are you seeing a therapist or psychiatrist? Have you tried counseling or medication?

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    Re: What exactly is Ventricular Tachycardia??

    When you run your heart speeds up, when you rest your heart slows down, you have had ecg and blood tests come back normal, if there was anything wrong it would of shown up


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    Re: What exactly is Ventricular Tachycardia??

    if you had vt you would be dead. vt and vf are the only shockable heart rhythms. both are fatal unless early defibrilation occurs. you probably just have a normal sinus tachycardia, my rate hits 140 bpm when im highly anxious, have learnt that the longer i feed the anxiety the longer my rate stays up! vicious cycle so best trying to break it, something im only just getting to grips with.

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    Re: What exactly is Ventricular Tachycardia??

    As screwpanic says vt and vf are unsurvivable without defib an you would not be conscious when you have it anyway. This is what kills people after heart attacks as the blockage triggers off vt/vf but it is shockable as said .

    Sinus tachy is normal just means fast heartbeat. unless your heartbeat is constantly above 160bpm then DRs are not interested.

    In any medical setting or even just looking at a bp machine my pulse rises to 140bpm instanty and is totally due to panic.

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    Re: What exactly is Ventricular Tachycardia??

    Ventricular tachycardia is a serious condition but your heart beating as a result of doing exercise is just a normal physiological response and doesn't in any way indicate you have VT.

    Furthermore, VT is an arrythmia - your heart is beating in the 'wrong' way, not just fast.

    If you are really worried you can ask your doctor for a 24hr Holter monitor, but there is absolutely no indication you have VT from what you have described.

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