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    Thumbs down weird feeling in chest ..

    Hi, I'm just seeking reassurance once again, I keep getting this really uncomfortable feeling in the middle of my chest, its really hard to explain but it kinda feels like a squeezing/tightening sensation, but feels also like a spasm sometimes. Its painless but i get skipped beats at the same time at times. I keep thinking I have angina or something :( but im only 21! Helppppp xxxx

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    Re: weird feeling in chest ..

    Aw Amy, well I've had a pressure in the middle of the chest symptom before with anxiety.. I was so bad with anxiety at that time I was staying in bed a lot as it came on when I stood up and walked around! Amazingly it went when I started getting better. Have you been to the doctor about it? If you do they can sort you an ECG test (which is perfectly harmless and quick, I've had lots) and see what's going on better.
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