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Thread: ECG tracing -"abnormal for someone my age"??

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    Question ECG tracing -"abnormal for someone my age"??

    I had a stress ECG today, and could barely do it! I have been so exhausted lately and have had a virus apparently, so I could only do like 3.5 minutes!
    Anyway the nurse said before we started that it she could see the 'abnormality' on my tracing (obviously the reason I was being put in for that test) She said it is unusual for someone my age (I'm 25) and said it can just be that that it my normal heart tracing, and everyone's different, but it's unusual.
    Apparently nothing significant happened when on the treadmill, and she said there was in fact a "pseudonormality" where it went to how it "should" look whilst I was exercising.
    Anyway, I don't want to freak out about all this -but no idea what on earth this all means!?!? She said there was nothing to report after the ECG. But what's with this 'abnormal for my age' thing!?!
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    Re: ECG tracing -"abnormal for someone my age"??

    Hi VioletWings, The nurse was right with what she said a abnormality for one person good be normal for another.
    And the good thing is she said nothing to report afterwards dont forget the nurse doing the test would have been a trained mainly just for the heart pain clinic.
    They know the job well.
    Best thing to do know is wait a few weeks and book a appiontment with the doctor and have a word about the results (it will take that amount of time for them to get the report).

    And btw 3.5 mins is not to bad a friend of mine only lasted 30 seconds.

    And also the thing is the answer they give you after the test will be the same the doctor will tell you.

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    Re: ECG tracing -"abnormal for someone my age"??

    Thank you xtremx (again! You're being a star to me!) Thanks for the perspective check. I'll be given an appointment with the cardiologist to discuss the results so hopefully that'll be soon so I can have a chat with him.

    Wow, how come your friend only lasted 30 seconds? Were they panicking? Certainly helps me not feel quite so bad on the 3 minutes! =/
    "Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest" - Jesus

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    Re: ECG tracing -"abnormal for someone my age"??

    I have had stress test 1.5 years ago.
    Nurse said also about some abnormality, like problems with ischaemia.
    Doctors said, that it is not possible due to my age (23) with my good echo and ecg's.
    So it could be overweight, stress during the test, or no sport condition.
    After that time my hearts problems have came again (palps, high rate etc.)

    Now I had: ecg, echo, blood tests, thyroid test, chest x-ray. And what? Everything is fine.
    I am waiting for holter and stress ecg again to confirm my stupid anxiety

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