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Thread: Holter monitor-how long do results take to come back?

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    Holter monitor-how long do results take to come back?

    Hi,Tomorrow, I am having my 24 hr holter fitted. I have had 3 done over the last 12 years.
    Can anyone tell me how long their results have taken to come back? I really cannot remember.
    I asked the hospital when I booked the appointment and they said allow 2 weeks.
    The only reason I ask is I am going away on holiday in over 2 weeks time and really hope my results come back before I go. I've got travel insurance and declared my funny beats but haven't told them I am having this holter fitted. I don't want to go abroad if the results haven't come back and I wonder if I should tell the insurance company?
    Do you think telling the hospital i'm going away would help getting the results back before I go (I doubt).
    I'm sure all is fine.

    Thanks otp xx

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    Re: Holter monitor-how long do results take to come back?

    I've had two done in the past...both results were normal but the first time I got the results in 3 or 4 days and this last time I had to wait the whole 2 weeks. So I guess it just depends. I hope you don't have to wait too long (I know the waiting is the worst part) and that everything comes back fine. Keep us posted! Xx
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    Re: Holter monitor-how long do results take to come back?

    If you had the holter monitor through a referral from your cardiologist at the hospital (or even your GP) I would ring his or her secretary direct and ask if they have looked at the results yet. And if not ask why and when it'll be looked at (of course politely!). Stress your holiday concerns. I had a similar thing happen with me and the secretary was very helpful, and got me answers very quickly.

    As you say sometimes they do it quickly and other times they don't. One time when I had a 7 day monitor it wasn't even checked until I actuallly got there for the follow-up appointment. An oversight apparently... But I was not impressed. Luckily there was nothing of real concern, apart from ectopics. Another time I would definitely ring up and check (pester!!) that they had actually reviewed it.

    Good luck, NattyOne.

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