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Thread: Fluoxetine my story starting day 5

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    Red face Fluoxetine my story starting day 5

    I'm on day 5 on taking 20mg fluoxetine for depression/anxiety. Feel pretty rubbish. Shakes, nausea, increased anxiety and headache. I have managed to walk to the post box with the kids today. Forced myself to go and feel so much better doing it. Know I have to keep pushing myself to do things because sitting around feeling sorry for myself just makes things worse. I've lost interest in everything! Everything seems mind numbingly boring and the days seem to get longer. But I know I need to do something about it hopefully the meds will give me that extra push I need. Watch this space.

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    Re: Fluoxetine my story starting day 5

    Hi Jodles,

    I'm entering day 7 tomorrow so we're on the same boat pretty much! It is horrible at the moment, Day 5 was a real turning point for me when the shakes, tingly head and panic came to the surface, luckily today was much more managable. I'm also on 40mg Propranolol and run out of my perscription on Sunday, therefore didn't take one until Monday evening, after experiencing a really bad anxiety attack and the shakes. I took my Propranolol today anf it has kept the shakes and full on panic at bay, I would recommend this if you can take it as it has taken the edge off the tablets today. I'm starting to feel slightly numb in places that would make me panic before (in a busy shop) which is a good sign

    Hoping the meds kick in properly soon, good luck on Day 6! If like me, you should feel better than today. Keep me posted with your progress, always great to hear from others going through the same experiences.

    Milk xx

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