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    depression? manic depression?

    hi,everyone.i was confirmed of having aggravated depression about 6 months ago.i was a chef,when i hit my wall !! - i havnt worked since,ive been on citralopram - nasty!! - then fluoxetine - didnt really do a lot,then finally`went on sertraline,which was ok. - i then got fed up,and decided to go cold turkey and come off on day 9 with no meds. - the thing is,when i wake in the morning,all is good,im positive,exited about the future,i have clarity,and a very almost smug,and happy feeling.Then at some point later,in the afternoon say,i could be watching family guy for example,laughing at stewie,when whilst im half way thru a laugh, it turns unto a cry,in an instant. - no future,no clarity,im on mars again,not speaking to my family,or children,im very angry,very irritable.and its like that for the rest of the day.the following morning,im back on cloud 9!!
    I this depression,or could it be manic depression? - because i am so happy and content,then so utterly depressed,but this happens eveyday.i hope someone can advise me,and if it sounds like a could have manic depression or just deppression.
    thanks for taking the time to read this,im going deeper now,and am going to chew on a diazepam.thanks,mike.

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    Re: depression? manic depression?

    HIya Mike

    They sound like tears of releif. In other words, from what you have said it seems you have been supressing the tears or, rather, the medication has blocked your emotional side.

    Lots of people who suddenly quit drinking alcohol can experience this since they have been insulated from reality.

    Sometimes it is a good thing to be insulated from reality. But if we have been detached from reality for a long time, then emotional things will stirr our spirit.

    Hope this helps Mike;


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